Top 10 Flashcard for iPhone and iPad

Introduce: This top 10 flashcard is the best software to learn or get easily. when you don’t now the meaning of words ,definition of any grammar or etc…by the help of flashcard you learn or get fast.Evernote Peek is a truly revolutionary notecard app made for the iPad. It takes advantage of the iPad’s SmartCover. Simply close and peek inside for your question. If you lift it a bit higher you will see the answer. You can set up flashcards for free using your Evernote account. This is a beautiful app that showcases the power of something as simple as the SmartCover. This is an essential app that everyone should have

This software(apps) is free to download for iOS only.

Top 10 Flashcard for iOS Devices



How to download flashcards?

I show you the way of download

1: First click store of iPhone or iPad than the top and the right of screen there is written “search” , click to search and write “flashcards”.



2:After search there comes many flashcards. you click the first one and there is one button click that one and wait to finish download.

It depend in your internet.


How to use flashcards?

First you open your flashcards than come many option in the screen.





There is three ways to use flashcards.

1: First go to search and write any thing that you like, after there came many kinds. click that one that you need ,don’t choose that one that you don’t need. in the right of screen written “Download” ,click download button and wait to finish the download and after use it.



2:First you make “Create deck” after the first paragraph write or give any picture and the next paragraph write the meaning of word or give more information about that.






3:You can use both of them.It depend you ,which one you like to use.


I hope that you get something or enjoy it.if you have any question or suggestion so give commend or if you like this page please don’t for get to like or share it.


Link: Download





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