Simple animation design inside auto desk


Simple animation design inside auto desk,in this video you will know how to design simple animation inside 3d max.I will show you the easiest way to make animation with auto desk.

Simple animation design inside auto desk

  1. Open the program
  2. Make the view point big like this video
  3. Select Sphere object from right side and draw one sphere. If you want to change the color press button to change the color of sphere
  4. Go to front by pressing button, there select the Text object from right side. In place of text, you can right anything you want. In a time that you typed your text, click in middle of sphere. Resize the text by pressing the button.
  5.  Go to top by pressing button. Push the text down. Go to modify, their press E to Extrude the text, from there select extrude. Make the amount 3 or 4 any vision you want.
  6. Again in modify. Press to select the Bend object. Resize bend like a sphere. Tell you bend the text. Text should come around sphere.
  7. Go to Hierarchy in right side. Press the Affect pivot only to move the center of text in the middle of the sphere. Again dis-select the Affect pivot only.
  8.  Press  to Perspective. Press on  Auto key. Move start point straight. Select text and press the to rotate the text around the sphere. Rotate the text. Now select the sphere, rotate the sphere in different side. It means if you rotate the text in right side, now rotate the sphere in left side to look some beautiful animation for you. Rotation is finished. It is time to  play. Like this you are able to design animation by using of sphere and text inside auto desk 3d max . You can visit the site.





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