How to record important calls using Android

How to record important calls using Android

record important calls using Android, we live in an age where everyone tries to somehow bring the head of our work. It leaked these day.Is  biggest. Only those who do not know. Sheikh Saadi and Hafez are eunuchs. Yes, just notice; PRISM. America is a program through which the government can not achieve anything. Doing this is really wrong.  Privacy can easily be questioned.

We  don’t talk about spyware in United States. Today we are going to record important phone calls on Android to offer you solutions.

Recorded phone calls can have several benefits. Example. It would be great to do telephone interviews. You can do interviews.Write it to postpone. Some cases. You can use phone calls recorded in court. Be careful of privacy as well.  People may not want their voices to be recorded. For storage of phone calls on Android operating system can not have a tough job ahead. Most mobile operating systems has the potential to put at your disposal. It is different for storing important calls. We must find a way to record important calls automatically.

Today we will introduce applications that you can easily do the job. To learn about these programs be with us ….

record important calls using Android

record important calls using Android

1.  Record My Call Apps

Record my call app can record your outgoing and incoming calls. Difference with other program.Can do voice recorder to be personalized. To use this program you follow steps below.

  1. First download  and install the program, Record My Call . Google link to download the program without sanctions continue to be placed.
  2. After installing open the app .
  3. Using your device’s menu button, open the application main menu and select Dashboard options.
  4. go to Settings and active the options of, Active Service and Manual Record. Be careful that the option Record Unchecked Contact is disabled .
  5. Returned to the main menu and select this option Tweaks.
  6. Now audio source device to adjust microphone.Enable Record on Connect. Turn Speakerphone On.
  7.  Again returned to the main menu. Select Filters .
  8. Here you can add audience. You want to make phone calls. (both incoming, outgoing). Their conversations to be saved.

Other feature program Record my call as follows:
* Sync with Google Drive and Dropbox

  • Manual start and stop recording at any time contact

• Search the recorded conversations using different filters like folder storage

Note: I have to say that this application can only use your device’s microphone. This means that if you use your hands free for your conversations, you will not be able to record your voice.

record important calls using Android

record important calls using Android

2. Automatic Call Recorder

The program can automatically start recording the conversations. The choice depends on your view. In facts are three option in program.

Record All:- All calls except. Only those who are in your ignore list. Others will recorded.

Ignore All:- No Call will recorded. Tell you not specify.

Ignore Contacts:- All calls to numbers that are not included in your contact list, along with specific audiences, will be storage.

using Automatic Call Recorder. Needs to follow these steps:

  1. Download program. Install it. Link to download Google app without sanctions.Continue to placed.
  2. The main menu using your device’s menu button and select Settings and choose Open.
  3.  Enabled Record Calls option .
  4. Select Microphone active Automatic Speaker option.
  5. You should now be the default mode for storing contacts mentioned above had to choose. It provides voice recorder manually is not an option. It should noticed. Storage option more manageable. Ignore All calls puts at your disposal.
  6. Audience you want to add list of programs. To record calls. If you call them.They call you.This app will record your calls.

Other features include Automatic call recorder can be:
* Add notes to contacts stored and share it with others

  • Integration and synchronization with Dropbox

  • If you live abroad, you can pro version of the app to get the price of seven dollars. In this version you can specify a certain audience to their calls are automatically saved and uploaded to the cloud storage space.


record important calls using Android

record important calls using Android


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