How to Become Professional, in Network Marketing?


Network Marketing.Is the process. If we become. Professional in network marketing. Our future is more bright. Network marketing. To know someone, helping, learning more. fact communication in long time. With customer. Customer play a role with us. To become a Successful person. In network marketing. Try to absorption customers. In your private network marketing. I share 10 tips. To be successful person. In network Marketing.

Step #1 finish to be Dry and serious

the people assessment others. With two process. one is Warm – Blooded. second one is Technical Expertise. Interesting tip is that. People give importance for Warm – Blooded. Not Technical Expertise. We should communicate friendly. To know, each other. More and More. Be serious with customer. Otherwise you will be. The failure in network marketing. Better communicate. Result good customer. In your network.


Step #2 Maybe some relationships are among your current connection

Relationship with people. Who are in your network. Or you know most them, are your friends. It is highly functional. Invited to an event by people who already knew them, you have the opportunity to meet new people that sometimes lead to big changes in your life’s work.


Step #3 Linked in application

Communicate with people. From your profile linked in. With new people communicate. As virtual, or forever. It is not needy. To tell you all. All setting is in profile. You can manage as your desire. This method help you. To be active. In linked in application. With your friends.


Step #4 Do not be shy

Say hello with unknown person. Talk with them. Sample communication. First hand to hand. Then eye to eye. At last introduce each other. You will know, each better. Introduce yourself heartily. Don’t take it hard. Be simple, without contamination. It is not necessary. To have political personality. Only talk about one simple title.


Step #5 Ask yourself two important questions

1 Which work bring you in this group? to answer this question. Find reason and motive of question.

2 How i can help others? Show yourself, before anything. you are useful and better. This ability is maker of root  communication forever.

3 If you success to help others. Naturally you will attract customer to help you.


Step #6 Share with each other

When you are together,with others. caching your common desire is simple. To join new group. It is not frightful. If you are alone. Find alone person from group. Talk with other. Make small group together.


Step #7 Be persistent and punctual

If you advertise. I am ready to help people. Save your promise. Follow for two days your promises. To help people.


Step #8 Imitate rule of one minute

It is not necessary. to accept big promise, from people. First imitate rule of one minute. It means accept. The promises. Which take one minute to do that. By this rule. You are able to manage your work. On that time. You will act your promises well.


Step #9 Introduce people with each other

If you know. Someone can help each other, to solve, their problems. Introduce them, with each other. People are grateful. With this job. Maybe a big problem solved. By this method. In two side. All duty,to do. Is to send an email address. Result will make a good person. A person whose desire. To help others.


Step #10 Hosting

One day be a dinner host, in picnic. Bring happiness for friends. If we thing this method bring for us. To be more friendly. With each others. People will know each other. Better and better. they will help each other. From side of economic. If you can. It necessary to invite friends. In picnic, hotel, restaurant,etc.

Network Marketing

Network Marketing


I hope this 10 tips occurred useful to you. I think, applying this tips. In network marketing. Can solve somehow your communication and problems. If you know new tips. You can share for us.



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