How to make Airplane Animation Using 3D max


make Airplane Animation Using 3D max, in this article I want to show you how to design Airplane Animation. In this article we will know how to add animation on object and making different shape from one box. Making way for airplane to move from that line and other options you will get in this video, only need some attention for making this object complete and play as an animation.


  • Open the program and make the screen large. Select the box tool and from Top draw one box as a video. You are able to change the color by your choice. Come to Prospective and resize the height of the box like airplane. Think that box is the body or the center of the airplane.

        make Airplane Animation Using 3D max

  •  Now if your PC or laptop has (FN) button, select the shape and press the FN and (F4) to show the segments. Now go to modify and change the segments of Length, Width and Height into 3. Now right click on box and go to convert and select Convert to editable poly, there select polygon and press on two side of box where I have already selected on video.


  • Click on Bevel and resize the Height and outline amount. Click Ok. Select the move tool or press the W button and move the feather of airplane in back side. Now again select right and left with top sides by polygon and resize by Bevel, the same previous move the feathers in back side.


  •  Rotate shape in front. Now select top polygon and rotate that polygon in front to show as an airplane. Click the W and move the polygon up. Select front polygon and click on Bevel. Resize that, select the vertex and reside the front of airplane sharp.


  •  Now go to Front and there move the center point of airplane in front side, by selecting the Affect Pivot Only from Hierarchy. Now select the Line object and start the from the sharp point of airplane, and now you are making the way of airplane. Come to prospective select the airplane. Go to Animation + Constraint + Path Constraint. Press on line to make the Way of airplane by this method. Now press the start button. In modify tick the Follow + Bank and again start

By this 5 steps you are able to make the airplane animation inside auto desk 3D max.



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