The most important iphone apps

The most important iphone apps, we have selected for you, remain with us to not lose the best apps.


important iphone apps,Million apps is available in apple store, maybe you thought the majority of application you known and there is no needy to introduction. But in this big world of application, possibility to forgotten essential apps, and this is true. Today be with us to introduce the most essential free iOS apps. The reason that we select free apps, not possibility for majority of people, to buy that applications.

The most important iphone apps

In this subject and essay we introduce 36 different applications in 8 parts. Be assured that after installing this application, you will percept the needy of this application.


  1. Part: browsing application


  1. Google chrome

This application is the important browsing app for mobile, and let you to goodbye from default browsing of mobile. This app is popular and famous browsing in the world. This browsing is fast and loading the page fast, easy to use and solving your problems. Once you install this app, you will never remove.


important iphone apps

  1. Alien blue

Famous app supported by popular website (askerddit). This app is for English website for those who want to know the newest information with bundles. This app is the best chosen.


important iphone apps

  1. Stumble upon

This app is a browsing app with arrangement articles, only select your own title which is already collected in on part. Click on them and enjoy the title. This app is for those who know English more.


important iphone apps

  1. Part: efficient application

  1. Speed test

This app is one essential app for testing internet speed. This app belong to ( Sufficient once installed and then press the start button. Then after a second you will receive complete information about internet. Information of this app is online and will give you the specific and important information about internet connection. And also you can save the test information of internet.


important iphone apps

  1. USB Disk

Free app USB Disk Pro, will give you permission to access in account of box, SkyDrive, google drive, Drop box and ever Note in one application. So there no needy to download each of this application separately. One ability is giving free space for you to save files and information inside of this apps. You can access in your files and information without internet connection. This ability in limitation boundary of iOS is so important. Even you are able to transfer them in pc.


important iphone apps



  1. Tiny Scan

By this app you can take picture from page paper like fascicle, then this app will give you effect to edit and create a good product. And change them into PDF this app is for editing picture.


important iphone apps

4. document

Give you possibility to save MP3 and zip file other more ability.Finally the duty of this application is to open the zip file, which is so important for us to open the zip files.


important iphone apps

  1. Drop Box

This is free and popular app for iOS, the ability to save files and give you space to save your freely and online. Some time we are compelled to delete to delete some files to find some space, but by using such application you  are not needy to delete your files.


important iphone apps

  1. IDownloader

This application will give you permission to download everything from internet. This applications has two version on free and the second purchasable. By purchasable version you can send downloaded files into computer and that is unlimited.


important iphone apps

  1. Adobe Reader

Application to open the PDF files and reading the information, this app is basic of adobe and the make such application. This app is flown and give you highlights to take out important information from every page and save them separately. And this app will give you full screen to be more enjoyable and readable softly. Use this app to read book comfortable and easy.


important iphone apps

  1. Currency

For changing monetary unit into different monetary unit of other country, like if you search 1000$ into pound, there you will receive exact information. About currency of country. There is no needy to open your browser typing the currency and finding your country and other more, but by installing this essential app you will easily find the currency.


important iphone apps


  1. Evernote

Application for writing and saving memo or different note. And you open your memo from computer and the thing that you can browse. Some time you need to save the important information into app which is Evernote.


important iphone apps


  1. Readability

By this application we can read the text which we opened that into computer. Then we can give that text to this app, then we can read that text from mobile, and also give you permission to save them. Finally we can say that from crowded website we give you the clear text and you can read them easily.


important iphone apps

  1. Part: google applications


  1. Google search

For using services of google we can use safari, but using from original application has more and easy ability. By using this application by giving sound or picture we can search. Sufficient to say with loud sound what we want then we will receive information.

voice search google

important iphone apps


  1. Google Translate

One important app for those who study, and for those who are student, researcher. This app is international dictionary. By this application we can translate all languages into other languages.


important iphone apps


  1. Google Map

By daring we can say that this app is the best map app for iOS and other mobile. Complete and subtle. This application will tell you about distance, traffic and way of places and more other essential and important information about places.


important iphone apps


  1. Gmail

Gmail is free and necessary part of other google application. By installing and configuring this app you will access in different parts. If you want to make channel in YouTube, you need to have Gmail account to use that ability.


important iphone apps


  1. Google +

Google + is part of google application, which you can access to this by making Gmail otherwise you cannot access to Gmail, because first google + need to make Gmail in google.


important iphone apps


  1. Google Drive

Google Drive give you free space for uploading files. Most of the people use this application for saving their files. This will give 15GB, this much space is free. If you want to make more space you should buy.


important iphone apps

  1. Part: Picture and Film


  1. Snapchat

App sending picture for friend, and you can talk with each. This app is popular and necessary for you to download and install them. After installing the app you will know the benefits.


important iphone apps


  1. Photo Studio

This app newly become free, before that for using such important app you should money for using. Now it is free and helpful for you, by the help of this app you edit your photo inside your iOS, and design them as your desire. There are more other apps for editing photo you can install, but this application has specific function that other app are lack of them.


important iphone apps


  1. Skype

The important application from Microsoft Company. By the help of this application you can talk with each other online, calling, video calling and other more functionality. The other ability is quality of calling, you can talk softly and clear with each other and enjoy your calling with each other.


important iphone apps

  1. Part: Social Networks


  1. Twitter

This app is popular and important app, for sharing your idea with other people in the world. You can make your twitter and following the other important twitter user then you can read or see idea of other people in your channel or page.


important iphone apps

  1. Facebook

This app famous and popular app and the rank of this app is 2 the best and popular app in the world the first rank is from google and the second is Facebook. This app has 300000 customer that every vising this site and using this application.


important iphone apps

  1. Instagram

One figurative community that without having website by application of mobile become famous. Then Facebook website buy this application and tell now in sovereignty of Facebook application and website. By this application we can take picture and share with friends. You can edit your picture before sharing in public, it is enjoyable and useful.


important iphone apps

  1. Vine

One figurative community duty is to share fantastic video in 6 second. This app is taken from Instagram, and now this ownership of this app is in twitter. And the changes that come in this app is chatting. People can chat with each other and it is enjoyable.


important iphone apps

  1. WhatsApp

The best application for sending message with each other and most popular app. This app was a wave for other application like Line, Tango, Viber and more other apps. Newly this app also purchased by Facebook, for sending message per one year it is free and after that in every year will cost 99£.


important iphone apps

  1. Part: Healthy application


  1. Running

Application which designed and belong to company of NICKE

By the help of this application you can test the measure that tell which you run. And also you can publish your activity in public that I have exercise tell this time. The next benefit of this application is that, you can invite your friend for running to be more joyful.


important iphone apps


  1. Runtastic

This application is also the same as pervious application only the different is that, this app what tell you the balance of running fast or slow and the distance you passed this app will collect information. Then you see the result of running time and the distance that you ran.


important iphone apps

  1. Mapmyrun

By the help of this application you can find the best way for running. Application will us the best way or place of running then you will more and be healthy by the sport of running, which is so nice method for sports.


important iphone apps

  1. Part: Music application


  1. Spotify

This application is with free and purchase version, purchase version will let us to search in different services and find the best music and play the music. But free version is like radio playing the music by own rule and we can’t change them, app will play the best one automatically.


important iphone apps

  1. Pandora

Application like radio, only become famous by one reason. This application gives us this possibility, to suggest the music that we want or the music of any singer that we want. Then we can listen to favorite singer and we can find the song.


important iphone apps

  1. Music Dl

Application for downloading music. By the help of this application we can download different music from internet and download them easily. The downloaded music is possible to play inside mobile.


important iphone apps

  1. Sound Hound

The best and essential app, if we hear the music or name of music, we want to know the singer. Only open the app and press the search button, then play one music after a second this app will tell you information about that music, the singer name music and……..


important iphone apps

  1. iHeartRadio

By the help of this application mostly you are able to listen our world radio. You find any radio cable and finding the news radio to tell about News and other information.


important iphone apps

  1. Part: Videos application


  1. YouTube

Application which is from google and parts of google company. The real duty of this application is to share video in public, useful video and training video you can search and find video. This app is essential for every mobile which except this application.


important iphone apps


  1. Hulu Plus

Hulu plus is the same like YouTube but the mostly the task of this application in serials and videos. To find your best serials and videos, you can use this application.


important iphone apps

  1. IMDB

Application of IMDB website, the biggest encyclopedia of videos. By the help of this application you can find the rank of videos that how is the ranks, or is this video have any value to download and see them? This application will tell you about the newest and popular videos.


important iphone apps


At the last of this idea we should tell that, other important application Is available in store for iPhone. Maybe some of be important for one part and some of them for other part. Our aim was not to tell you the best application, our aim was to tell you the important and necessary application for you, that by using that applications you will feel relax and solving your problems without losing time.


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