How to Be a Responsible Person

It’s Always much easier to blame someone else for our own shortcoming and mistakes we make. Yet one of the secrets of success is “responsibility”. People trust responsible individuals, rely on them, respect them and even count on them. So go for it, become a responsible person in life; both in your own life and also feel responsible towards others and anything that could possibly be part of your life responsibilities. Once you acquire this life skill, you will notice that your self-confidence increases and you earn a better position in life.

Do not Back out Any Commitment You make  -Responsible

If you are asked to do something, think before accepting it, because once you agree you are responsible and everyone excepts you to be in charge. In the words, if something else turns up for the weekends, you cannot change your mind and make excuses, because this is not going to work in life. You need to know that people want to count on you and trust you, so do not let them down by escaping it. Remember that life is all about learning skill, which gradually turn to “habits” and therefore, it is important to make good habits as we go on, in addition to improving our old ones. Unless you make good habits now, you will be disappointed later on. If this happens, you will discover that you will fail in employment, in university and even as a friend.

Schedule your Daily Chores and Stick to it

Whether you are a student in school, a kid at home, a sister or brother or….., you have your own share of daily chores, which should be done on a regular schedule. You need to organize your tasks first. Why not write all of them down?       Then take your time to schedule “what” needs to be done “when” and start working on it. It could take a while, before you feel pleased with yourself  and how you have taken the control over your share in life, as a useful person. But you can always ask your parents for a good advise and use their help. Discuss this issue with your  close friend , as well and see how they plan their daily time and get everything done. You will be surprised to see how your self-esteem improves. Such challenges make life exciting and interesting.

Manage your Pocket and Money

If your parents give you a weekly a or monthly allowance, then you need to manage it, based on your needs and the unexpected things that come up. Feel responsible for the money you spend and think well before you do so. Ask yourself a few simple questions before you buy an item based on habit. “Do I really need this now or is it just a temptation?”, “Will I have enough for rest of the week/ month?” Budget your  money in a wise manner and spend it sensibly. This can be tricky and hard but the sooner you cope with it, the better it will be, because after a while you will discover its advantages. There are always unexpected expenses, bills and financial issues and feeling responsible for the sum of money in your hands will help you face new challenges better. You can make a plan, and for instance always save a portion of your allowance; maybe 10% of it. This money can become handy when you face unexpected expenses and also reduce your unwanted stress.


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