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Hay day game introduction , is the most famous games in the world. In the Hay day game you play as a farmer the opportunity to grow a variety of crops such as vegetables, fruits and berries is that you can organize your farm and sorry for the further development of farm products. their personal income several tools are available to you, equip you.

Hay day game introduction:

You can easily variety of sugar mills and dairies, bakeries and so on to create profit opportunities and to sell more of your products in your store different or advertise in the newspaper! You can create a variety of different locations to expand, for example: farm income through the sale of eggs, chicken and put it into place with the breeding of other animals such as dogs, horses, pigs, sheep, cows and … to earn pay and its ultimate goal which is becoming farmers would not have stopped the game!

How to play?

1:In the first phase, which entered the game play and beautiful graphics that you’re in love with a fantasy setting all elements to create a fantasy setting with a taste of nature observance of trees in the season the fall and spring you will be you will back to the farm that frogs wetlands,During the game you will be designing something that never fatigue. Hay Day game will be as gradually , get new features , devices and their beautifully designed new buildings will switch you to attract more important than the tools all the farm and decorations that you put in the game to farm a much prettier than you even think about it. But beautiful is that when all these features together Regulate. you will get an electronic drawing office because of various colors and Beautiful buildings Fast combination creates large and small activities that even. If you want to stare phone account again you will not be wasting time.There have been very well designed game characters, in the game you will exchange some characters are almost five people who work on these characters animations are beautiful And non-professional sense at all, you will not lose the game. In addition to farm places. Such as Downtown. Neighborhoods. And place. For meeting will tackle. All these sectors really unique. Beautiful design. (especially fishing). But important thing are designed Animals.  Animal behavior. When hunger. Satiety in a word. With any updates. That is published astounding animals. In swimsuits fields. Appear one of update. Which is interesting. Updated on Halloween. Is interesting. That makes us laugh. Will be designed. For example: goats Havana. Wand-like chains, impregnated. With spirit of cows. Or pigs have been bandaged. Put and end caps. Halloween gone. Are chicken, into patterned pumpkin.

Hay day game introduction

Hay day game

2: If external graphics discussion. We must reach into game. Game play in one word “addictive”. This was a serious warning, to you. Game Hay Day. With a few hours of gameplay. Not going to kill several people. A few operations to finish game. You’re constantly challenged. As much is possible. In their products. People who ask you. To get to school. To prepare an “egg”, should be a long process. Can said. First planted, harvested. Their wheat to mill. Feed it to their chickens. Tell a time it fold they lay eggs. Eggs are used with many services. Including for steak. The flavored breads (mulberry). Used bread. Bread is interesting. That will be used again. This process is long. With each new level.You with more food. Raw materials, will be familiar.

Hay day game introduction

Hay day game

3:The important thing about the “addictive” game. designed as such play game . You involved. With custom instance. You want to send to school. Yet a plan put together. By sending every order in my opinion. Will have a special meaning for you.

Hay day game introduction

Hay day game

4:  Something simulator, will be said. All relevant, elements respected. In all parts of the game. Hay Day game observed. Important trade sector. Began to experience game. If you do. You will notice that. In some places need to purchase additional material for plant growth closely. Try this. In a time, food is assigned. The reality of this system sales. Thanks to various creators. Users. You’ll be stuff of newspaper pages. Looking for cheapest price. The 10 page that comes only help you sell your gender and sexual. If you want you can see market was not available to all. Pay several diamond-mail him at your service.

Hay day game introduction

Hay day game

5: They fenced in playground. That can not easily access them. You get a sheet. Several hammer justice judge. This ground stacked with very good price and buy for yourselves.

Hay day game introduction

Hay day game

  • Hay Day game. Is highly addictive. You should be able to control amount of hours played. Some wheat harvest is always active. Always remember. Have certainty. Will not regret never playing experience.


Hay Day game has many quality ,I write same of them . you read and try to be understand about quality of this game. This game is available to iOS and Android phone.

  • Generate all kinds of delicious food using natural ingredients in your farm.

  • Buy and sell a variety of foods. From farm fresh produce healthy. Up for sale at a roadside shop.

  • Ability to play online and earn money with your friends on social networks Google+ and Facebook.

  • Manufacture of various factories. To earn money. Expand farm as sugar, knitting factory.

  • The availability of a variety of different tools to improve and work on the farm.

  • The possibility of planting a variety of different vegetables and wheat to make money with harvest.

  • Ability to create forms. Is to collect fruit trees.

  • Having excellent stunning graphics to its very low volume with dramatic sound.


link For Android: Download

link For iphone: Download



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