Ways to enhance the phone’s battery life

enhance the phone's battery life

enhance the phone’s battery life

Ways to enhance the phone’s battery life

enhance the phone’s battery life, today’s smartphones are an integral part of our lives. Phone calls, play movies and music, texting, check emails, surf the web and many other things everyday. with this compact mobile are performed. The problem is that the battery of this gadget is not at all on our side and sometimes in necessary event or place the battery become low. Make us surprise.

If you’re faced with this problem, I suggest you read this article tell last. Have simple solutions for you.

Decrease the display light: 

Current smartphones have large screens, which means more battery consumption. Often they are light sensors that adjust the display to suit the ambient light. But if you are more interested to save more battery or mobile charger survive is not near, dim the display, the battery consumption is much lower.

Black background for AMOLED:

If your phone has a AMOLED screen is the best use of the background is black. The displays are able to reduce their power consumption in this mode. It seems that the background color is effective for reducing consumption in other phones.

Time to turn off the display:

Your phone’s idle time after a minute the screen off. You can not believe to make less time for screen off is effective in reducing power consumption. Be sure to pay attention to this case.

Turn off your peripherals:

Wi-Fi, GPRS and Bluetooth large consumer of the battery. When you do not need to this option turn off to have less power consumption and help to increase the security of your smartphone.

Turn off GPS:

This one is often forgotten and kept eating the battery. If you do not need it can turn it off to increase battery life.


Your beautiful Phone consume a lot of energy to shake himself. If the battery is damaged or low it is better to pass no vibration and let sing for you !

Lock the unneeded software:

Any software that is open take energy consumption. Always make sure that the software are running simultaneously. Additional to close.

Unnecessary sounds:

It is necessary to give sound in time of typing from keyboard ? Or open any page that you hear a sound? By disabling unnecessary noises can reduce power consumption.

proper temperature:

You know that high temperatures cause the battery to drain faster? For example, if you hold the phone in a pants pocket consumes more battery rather be on the table. Because body temperature is warming the battery and discharge it earlier.

Use simple ringtones:

Using different sound for ringing will drain faster your battery live. don’t the loud ringtones for ringing or messages, use simple and normal sound for ringing and messaging to save more battery live.

Email instead conversations . SMS instead of calls:

Sending email will drain more battery power instead of calling, but the call duration should not be more than 1 minute. Instead of calling you can use SMS which is simple and easy way to send someone or contact with someone. this method will increase battery live and you will save more battery life.

Mobile network signal:

Your smart phone is constantly searching for a network signal and its associated control. So in places where the signal is weak or not at all mobile network coverage, your smartphone much more and harder work of finding the waves. In such cases it is better to turn off your mobile phone or put it in Flight mode.

Operating system and software updates:

Always looking for the latest OS version, firmware and software to be installed on your mobile device. Because programmers and mobile manufacturing companies are always looking to reduce power consumption and newer versions are more better to save battery life than their ancestors.



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