How to Download online videos Using VLC Player

Download Videos Youtube


Download Videos Youtube. In this tutorial. I will show you. Download online videos with sample, easy instruction. VLC player is the program. We can play videos.We don’t think, to Download videos. Follow my instruction to complete this method. It is easy way. To download video from youtube.

 Download online videos Using VLC Player

1 step:

Download VLC player. To install the program. Click here

2 step:

Complete the installation. Open the program. Right click. In Open media. Click on Open Network.

Download Videos Youtube

Place to open, open network.

3 step:

Open the browser. Go to youtube. Open one video in youtube. Copy the URL File.

Download Videos Youtube

Copy video link from youtube.

4 step:

Paste copied file here. In open network. Now you can press on play option. to start playing.

Download Videos Youtube

Place to paste youtube link here

5 step:

After playing video in VLC player. Right click. Select Tools+Codec information.

Download Videos Youtube

Select Codec information

6 step:

There is the location of video. You can see. Select all the link. Right click on link. Copy file

Download Videos Youtube

Copy video link.

7 step:

Again go to Google ChromePaste copied file here. Press enter button. To open new window. Which is video window.

Download Videos Youtube

Place to paste copied file.

8 step:

This video will be played. In new window. They video is started. Here you can see. The video in new link. Which we copied. From VLC player. Right click. Select Save Video as.

Download Videos Youtube

Right click to save video.

9 step:

Here is the place. Where you can save video. Select video location. Click save button. To save video. For offline time. To be able. To use in offline time.

Download Videos Youtube

Place to save video.

10 step:

You can see. Google is Downloading video. It is easy, simple way. To download video.

Download Videos Youtube

In google page video.

It is offline time. We use video. the video. We had download. With VLC Player.

Download Videos Youtube

Screen video play


It is the video


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