Design Tea table, using Auto-desk 3D max

Design Tea table, using Auto-desk 3D max

Design Tea table, using Auto-desk 3D max

Design Tea table, using Auto-desk 3D max. In this post i want to show you how to make office tea table, with 3D max. This design is easy, by passing simple steps you will be able to draw tea table. In this post you know how to make glass, which we fit in above side. Coloring the wood by picture and other functions you will get. Now we start the object step by step to complete this post.

Design Tea table, using Auto-desk 3D max

  1. Open the program, make the screen large  to be more comfortable.


  1. Press the L button in left, there draw on box select the object from right side and other guides in video.


  1. Press T in top there draw one line as a video.


  1. In prospective click on box and delete the box, now we need only the line. Go to modify and enable some ticks and select as rectangle as a video.


  1. Go to top and make a copy from shape, there draw one box and fit the box on base of table.


  1. Again go to top and select cylinder and draw small round cylinder as a fetter of box in wood, go to left and fit the cylinder in top place above box shape to look nice and beautiful . Make 3 other copy from first one for four corner.


  1. Go to front select Rectangle and draw in middle. Go to modify and make width small and other option resize them and go to prospective.


  1. Now everything is complete only coloring remaining. For this action select the wood which is in two side and one is in the middle. Press M to go to coloring there select picture from your PC. If you have wood color picture or make yourself wood color. Add on the selection object, click OK.


  1. Select the box. Again go to the same place and make glass color. Down opacity that you can see the next.


  1. Now we have finished the object, press the Shift+Q to see the picture.



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