How to Create a Bootable USB Drive?

this is for creating a bootable USBdrive with some basic steps but should follow the steps. So now are going to boot the USB before that you should know that when we use the bootable USB? so we are using USB  to be able working for a special thing like changing our windows.

How To Bootable USBDrive?

Step 1. you should open the run page and type cmd to run and also you may go and search in search menu and open it. It is a place you are going to say your order for your computer.

Boot usb

Boot Drive


Step 2. Now you are able to write a correct command and it will run for you. So in this step you should write diskpart to open the diskpart window before that it will open you should give permission to open that.

Boot USB

Boot Drive

Step 3. In this part we should do some basic command so we should start rom the list disk and enter it to go forward and now we should select our disk that which disk we should boot that one. Be careful that don’t select our hard disk because all of our file are in the hard disk so as you know that we are booting USBdrive so we should select our USBdrive. After that you enter that you should write select disk 1 and enter to select our USBdrive

Boot USB

Boot Drive

Step 4. Now we are going to do some new thing. Write clean and enter that it should be clean and the next step we should type create partition primary and enter.

Step 5. So this is our last step and it so easy like peace of cake!. in this step you should write format  fs=ntfs quick and it will take few minute to format our new primary so in the last write active to show it quickly.

Boot USB

Boot Drive

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