The Tricks to Avoid Overheating the Phone

Mostly in time of, playing games. Our mobile getting hot. From backside produce more heat. Maybe playing more games is the reason. Our device is getting heat. Or a limited conditions make the phone. To become hot. If we want to see, the roots. It is somehow hard. telling the base reason of getting hot is what. Maybe when your phone is getting hot. It can’t work properly. Maybe this condition will continuous. Tell to become cold.  the website name is Makeusofshared different essay about getting hot your phone. the reason why it gets heat. you can search the reason. For more information in that site. Here we share some tricks. Help you to remain your phone in cold condition.

step #1 Do not forgot virus

The applications which you think. That is function is like virus. Remove them. Most of time getting hot. The reason is this kind of applications. The makers of this applications. Don’t think about your device. The only think about their benefits.


step #2 The covers suffocated your phone

The one factor. Most of the device customer face that problems. is cover of phone. Approximately all covers made from plastics. Device is in insulation. It means. This cover keeps heat inside of phone, and colds in outside of phone. For security reasons. When our phones getting hot. It need to export hots, and import colds inside device. unfortunately it is a back mistakes of mobile company. It remain like this. We should sport with big coat in hot weathers. They only ways to keep cold your phone is to remove covers.


step #3 Check USB charger

They tips we should take care. Is battery and charger. If you have in older device. which connected more in charger. You should not charge your phone in 100%. To use your battery in long time. Charge your phone 80% tell 90%. You should check your USB charger. Check the quality, to not get hot in time of charging. You can use in this condition. Low USB quality. It take more time to complete your charge.


step #4 Wifi causes problems

Wifi itselfs not causes problems. But we use it for long times. One problem for android system. Is running  android application s in backside. like Cpu + Wifi + Mobile internet. This condition makes our mobile. to get hot and cause problems. In time you are not using wifi. Turn it off. Remain on will use your battery. maybe sometime it will cause other problems.



This tutorial was about getting hot phone. At last i want to say that. Use your device in normal condition. Take care battery. In low battery don’t use your phone. Connect it in charger. This all is the rules. We should follow that. the one who takes care of their device. If the want to sue their phone for long times.



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